Posted by : Unknown 22 Okt 2010

A When I was asked to make the program counter, where I had to make the barcode as a recording machine, without having to type the name of the goods or item code. in my mind, how to make a barcode? without linger long I drove straight to google to find info about barcodes. in the barcode that I tried to modify the program that I made, and it can be run successfully. for the fellow colleagues who want to learn for the manufacture of barcode,
it is not difficult, because many examples are available on google barcode, but I think it is best to use the barcode on without any error or debug cool language error in vb 6.0 my barcode facility sharingkan at this time has some interesting features like as we saw in the program counter contained in the Mol-mol big. feature among other features is
  1. FRE3OF9X fonts. in this case I forgot to give the font for the barcode, so enjoy browsing aja peer to peer search for fonts "FRE3OF9X" 
  2. There are two types of bar 128 bar and 39 bar bar 
  3. save as image features 
  4. save clipboard 
  5. such properties include barcode Stile text, caption bar, and bar size
for more details please
hopefully useful for you

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